Hayedeh, the legendary diva


(1942 - 1990)

Hayedeh, the legendary diva of Persia, was born in Tehran. Her career began as a singer on a Tehran radio program called Golhaye Rangarang (Colorful Flowers), directed by Davood Pirnia. She studied avaz (Persian Vocal Music) with the great Persian violinist and composer Ali Tajvidi. “Azadeh” (Music by Ali Tajvidi, Lyrics by Rahi Moayeri) was Hayedeh’s first hit, performed on Radio Tehran with the Golha Orchestra in 1968. This outstanding work introduced Hayedeh’s vocal ability to Persians (Iranians) who warmly received it. “Azadeh” was released by Apolon Records (Directed by Manouchehr Bibiyan) in Tehran.

Beginning in the 1970s Hayedeh added pop music to her classical Persian repertoire. Throughout her career Hayedeh worked with many different composers such as Ali Tajvidi, Farid Zoland, Anoushiravan Rohani, Sadegh Nojuki, Andranik and Mohammad Heydari. Prominent lyricists she worked with included Esmaeel Navabe Safa, Bijan Taraghi, Leila Kasra (Hedieh), Homa Mir Afshar, and Ardalan Sarfaraz. Her works were released by Taraneh Records, Pars Video and Caltex Records, three California based Persian music companies.

Hayedeh died at the age of 47, from a heart attack, a few hours after a concert at the Casablanca Club in San Francisco, California.

Hayedeh’s funeral was held in Los Angeles’ Westwood Cemetery, attended by thousands of Persians. The singer Vigen, Homa Sarshar (journalist), Hasan Shahbaz (Editor of Rahavard Quarterly), and Ghods Razavi (Head of the VOA Persian Service) were among those who gave a lecture during the ceremony.

Hayedeh married 3 times and left three children: Kamran, Keyvan and Noushin, all of whom live in the USA.

Hayedeh’s gravestone in Westwood Cemetery, Los Angeles
(Photo by Arash Behtash)


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